Hood of Hoods was founded in 2007 by Michael Mendez and Marqui Mendez. Father & Son. We developed Hofhs (Hood of Hoods) to solve a problem that sneaker-heads faced- Not having anything unique to wear with their kicks. Sure, you could go to your chain sneaker store and buy a shirt made by a 7 year old in China, but a zillion other people would be wearing that same shirt. We wanted to offer the shoe enthusiast more. Why should your sneakers be the only cool part of your outfit?
Each Hood of Hoods garment is hand designed and One of a Kind. No two pieces are exactly alike. Hood of Hoods is for a different breed of fashionista, sneaker-head, skater, surfer or street-wear lover. The new breed of sneaker-head doesn't just match, they rock Hood of Hoods.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect to our guests by recovering the true, positive meaning of the word "hood". Neighborhood, Fatherhood, Motherhood, and the Priesthood are examples of the word "hood" being used in a positive context. The hood on a car protects the engine of the car. The hood on a jacket can protect your head from the elements. Hood of Hoods is the sum of all the positive "hoods". We show this through our art, in which we use clothing as our canvas.

Michael Mendez


Michael gets artistic inspiration from nature, creation, and reading the word of God.

Marq Mendez

Lead Designer